Friday, June 27, 2014

Major Utility Construction to Begin After July 4th Holiday

This past week saw several of the utilities companies for Nicor and ComEd on-site relocating or replacing the existing utility lines prior to the storm sewer and water main work beginning.

The contractor is anticipating to begin work next week in preparation for major underground utility construction along Central Road starting on July 7th.

Several residents have contacted us regarding their private improvements within the public right-of-way or to discuss impacts of the project to their individual properties. If you wish to discuss the proposed improvements that will affect your property, please contact either the on-site project representative, Chris Baumann, at or the Village Project Manager, Russ Jensen at 847-904-4418 or at your earliest convenience.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Major Construction Work to Start Following July 4th Holiday Weekend

This past week several of the utilities companies were working in the area. ComEd was on-site installing new electrical wires and making all necessary connections. ComEd is expected to be completed with their work early the week of June 23rd.

NPL, a contractor hired by Nicor, arrived on-site to begin installing new gas main and services to all homes in the project area. The contractor is starting to work on the south end of the project along Central Road.  Once the work is completed along Central Road, the contractor will continue move to north along Glendale Drive and Glenayre Drive.

We have met with the general contractor hired by the Village to perform a majority of the work, DiMeo Brothers. The contractor is currently allowing the gas main contractor some time to get ahead of him prior to starting the major construction work. DiMeo is anticipating to start project preparation work including mobilize heavy equipment, grinding the existing pavement along Central Road, set-up traffic control, install erosion control measures, and other items of work the week of June 30th.

Major underground utility construction along Central Road is expected to start the week of July 7th, following the July 4th Holiday.

We understand there are a significant amount of private improvements within the public right-of-way including boulders, paver blocks, irrigation systems, invisible dog fences, and driveways constructed of brick pavers, stamped concrete, or other specialty materials.  We encourage you to please contact either the on-site project representative, Chris Baumann, at or the Village Project Manager, Russ Jensen at 847-904-4418 or at your earliest convenience to discuss relocating or removing these improvements prior the construction work beginning.

The start of the major construction work is coming up soon after many years of planning. We ask for your patience and understanding during the construction phase due to the many inconveniences that you will experience over the coming months. We will do our best to minimize these inconveniences to the greatest extent possible and keep you updated on the progress of the project.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Construction Activity will begin to Pick-Up in the Next Few Weeks.

On May 6th, the Village Board awarded a construction contract to DiMeo Brothers, Inc. to complete the Glenayre Park, Phase I Reconstruction project to be completed in 2014.

This past week had a preconstruction meeting with the contractor, sub-contractors, Village staff, and utility companies with facilities within the area.

ComEd, the electric company in the area, is anticipated to begin performing relocations of their existing facilities that in conflict with the proposed improvements on June 2nd and be completed by the end of June.

AT&T, the telephone company in the area, has some minor relocation work to be completed and is anticipated to be completed at the same time as the Glenayre Park underground utility work.

NICOR, the gas company in the area, is planning to replace all gas mainline piping and services to individual homes. This process will take several months and will be perform in conjunction with a majority of the underground utility work. NICOR is anticipated to begin their work on June 16th.

DiMeo Brothers, the general contractor for the project, and the contractor that will be performing a majority of the work in the area is anticipating to begin installing storm sewer along Central Road and will likely start around Monday, June 23rd.  

For the next few weeks you will see construction activity in the neighborhood between the work being performed by the utility companies and the general contractor beginning preparation work for starting the storm sewer improvements.  Some of these tasks will include project stake-out and JULIE locates.  You will begin to see wooden stakes indicating locations of proposed improvements.  You will also see existing utilities marked out with paint and flags. In order to not delay the project and cause unnecessary damages to the utilities, we request that you, and your landscaper, do not disturb these markings and stakes to the best of your ability.

We understand many residents have private improvements on the public right-of-way that may be disturbed due to the improvements in the area. These include electric dog fences, irrigation systems, boulders, brick paver driveways, landscaping, etc. If you would like your private contractor to relocate or remove some of these private improvements prior to the work starting, please contact Chris Baumann at to coordinate the limits of the improvement within the public right-of-way.  This way you can accurately determine and remove only the improvements in conflict.  NOTE: All improvements will be made within the Public Right-of-Way, there will be no improvements on private property unless prior arrangements or easements have been granted in writing.

We understand this will be a long construction season for all residents in the area. We will do our best to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible and that you are inconvenienced as least as possible.  There will be travel delays, dirt, dust, and general inconveniences associated with a project of this magnitude.  We do appreciate you patience now and throughout the entire construction process.