Friday, December 5, 2014

Construction Coming to an End.

The last few weeks the contractor has been trying to get as much of the project completed as possible prior to the construction season ending. The cold weather we experienced over the past few weeks came a little sooner than expected. Nonetheless, all the work anticipated to be completed was done.

The concrete curb & gutter and first layer of asphalt pavement was completed on Westview Road from the cul-de-sac to Glenarye Drive prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The asphalt pavement surface layer was installed on Central Road, Glendale Drive, and Westview Road. A temporary asphalt surface layer was installed along Glenayre Drive at Glenview. The restoration of asphalt driveways was also completed.

Other work completed through the week included landscape grading and installation of topsoil, pouring benches in manholes, installing chimney seals in manholes, removing debris from catch basins and inlets, adjusting fire hydrant elevations, general site clean-up, and removing equipment from job site. The contractor also installed a strip of erosion control blanket approximately 3 feet wide adjacent to the concrete curb & gutter where the sod will not be installed this year. This is be prevent washout of the topsoil on the roadway. The concrete contractor also applied a protective coating on the concrete curb & gutter, driveways, and sidewalks.

Anticipated work to be completed this construction season includes the following:
·         Internal Televising of storm and sanitary sewers.
·         Re-Install street signs.
·         Pavement markings.
·         Site clean-up. 

Work to be completed in Spring of 2015 (As part of Phase I Improvements):
·         Reconstruction of Glenayre Drive from Glenview Road to Westview Road including concrete curb & gutter, new aggregate base course, asphalt pavement, and landscape restoration
·         Sod restoration not completed this year. 

Phase II Improvement along Glenayre Drive, Glenridge Drive, and Glen Court will be bid during the Spring of 2015 with construction to begin in the spring or summer of 2015.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding through this construction season. It was greatly appreciated.