Monday, November 17, 2014

Roadway Reconstruction On-Going along Westview Road. Landscape Restoration On-Going.

Following the installation of the concrete curb & gutter the week of November 3rd, the contractor continued with the roadway reconstruction of Glendale Drive from Central Road to Westview Road.

Last week, the first layer of asphalt pavement was installed along the remaining portions of Central Road and Glendale Drive from Central Road to Westview Road.

The contractor also continued with landscape grading, installing topsoil, and laying sod along Central Road and Glendale Drive The contractor will continue with landscape restoration this week with the hopes of having all the sod installed by the end of the week in this area. The sod will be evaluated again in the spring to ensure a healthy stand of grass is established and repair any areas that have settled.

By the end of this week, the contractor is anticipating to have all of the underground utility work completed associated with this project. There are only a few minor items remaining to be completed.

The contractor also started the roadway reconstruction process along Westview Road from the west end towards Glenayre Drive.

This week, the schedule includes concrete curb & gutter being installed along Westview Road on Monday or Tuesday, November 17th or 18th. The contractor will continue with the roadway grading following the concrete curb & gutter installation. The first layer of asphalt pavement is currently scheduled for the end of this week or beginning of the week of November 24th. It is anticipated the first layer of asphalt will be installed along Westview Road prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The current schedule includes installing the final asphalt surface layer on all roadways with concrete curb & gutter that have been previously paved with the first layer of asphalt. This work is scheduled for the first week of December.

As evident by the falling temperatures, the construction season is coming to an end. The contractor is committed to getting as much work completed this year as possible and weather permits. We are still evaluating the extents of the work that will be completed. Whatever roadway reconstruction is not completed this year, a temporary asphalt surface will be installed for easier travel and snow-plowing operations. The roadway improvements will then be completed in 2015 and the temporary asphalt will remain in place until the roadway is reconstructed.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding throughout the entire construction process, it has been greatly appreciated. We do understand what a huge inconvenience living in and around a construction site can be. We hope you are satisfied with the end result as the asphalt pavement and landscape restoration is being completed.