Friday, September 12, 2014

Asphalt Paving Next Week on Central Road

This past week, DiMeo Brothers  continued the roadway reconstruction process along Central Road from Glendridge Drive to Glendale Drive in preparation for concrete curb & gutter installation. The work including adjusting structures and manholes to match the curb & gutter, fine grading, and setting of string-line.

The major item of construction this week was the installation of concrete curb & gutter Central Road from Glenridge Drive to Glendale Drive.

Also this week, the contractor continued to make the sanitary sewer repairs and replace sanitary sewer services along Glendale Drive and Westview Road. It is anticipated this work will be completed early next week.

The newly installed water main along Westview and Glendale was also tested this week. Once the test results are received, the contractor will begin installing new water services to all the homes in this area. We expect to have the necessary approvals by Monday.

Next week, the contractor will begin preparing the Central Road for asphalt pavement. The contractor will begin fine grading the existing aggregate base materials. It is anticipated that asphalt paving will occur mid next week. This will be a major milestone for those residents who live along Central Road.

We anticipate for new water services to begin being installed early next week along Westview Road and Glendale Drive. As mentioned in previous posts, new water services will be installed from the new water main to the existing b-box within the Village right-of-way. New services will not be installed all the way to your home. During water service installation, water to individual homes will be turned off while the transition is made. Typically the water is turned off for 1-hour. The contractor will knock on the door of each home prior to turning off the water. It is difficult to determine the exact timing of the water shut-off; therefore, 24-hour notice is not given. The contractor will work with you to determine the best time to shut-off the water to the greatest extent possible.

We would like to express our gratitude again to those residents that have been without access to their driveways during the concrete curb & gutter preparation, installation, and curing process. The Village understands the inconvenience this causes to your daily lives and appreciates your patience.  The Village also understands the inconvenience of your water service being shut off during the water main service installation process. Please understand everything possible will be done to limit the amount of time your water is turned off.