Friday, July 25, 2014

Water Main Under Bike Path Completed.

This past week, DiMeo Brothers completed the water main improvements under the walking / bike path between Chatham Road and Central Road including connecting the new water main to the existing water main.

The contractor also continued to installing the new storm sewer along Central Road between Glendale Drive and Glenayre Drive.

The contractor will be working this Saturday, July 26th, starting at 8:00 AM. Work anticipated to be performed includes pressure testing the new water main under the bike / walking path between Chatham Road and Central Road.

Nicor and NPL were also on-site continuing to replace gas mains and services in the neighborhood.

Next week, the contractor will continue to install storm sewer along Central Road from Glendale Drive moving east towards Glenridge Drive.

Water main testing will also be conducted next week prior to the water main being placed into service.

We apologize for the inconvenience the construction operations have and will cause you.  We thank you and appreciate your patience during the on-going construction.  We would like to especially thank those people that were without water service for a period of time this week while the connections between the new and existing water main were made.