Friday, August 29, 2014

Water Main On-Going. Central Road Roadway Reconstruction to Begin

This past week, DiMeo Brothers continued with the water main installation along Westview Road from the westerly end to Glenayre Drive and toward Glenview Road.

The contractor is anticipating to make the connection at the existing water main that crosses under Glenview Road early next week. To make the connection, the water main in the area will need to be turned off. Residents affected by the shut-down will be notified prior to water service being disrupted.

Also last week, the contractor installed storm sewer services to the residents along Central Road. If the resident had an existing storm sewer service or drain, it was reconnected to the new service in the same location. If no existing storm service was present, the contractor installed a stub at each property for future connection by the homeowner.  Should a homeowner wish to install a storm sewer service on their private property and/or connect to the storm sewer, please contact the Village of Glenview to determine the actions needed and permits required prior to installing the system.

Next week, the contractor will connect to the existing water main along Glenview Road and begin the necessary testing prior to connecting homes to the new water main. 

The contractor will also begin installing new sanitary sewer services and manholes along Glendale Drive.  A new 6-inch PVC sanitary sewer service will be installed to each residence along Glendale Drive. The new sanitary sewer service will be connected directly to the existing sanitary sewer service and placed in the same location. There will be no disruption to your sanitary sewer during this process. If possible, we do ask that you limit your water usage during the new sanitary sewer service installation.

Central Road roadway reconstruction including removing the existing soils under the roadway, installing new aggregate base, concrete curb & gutter, and asphalt pavement will also begin next week. The entire roadway reconstruction process will likely take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Residents will be notified of any restrictions to their driveways prior to the work beginning.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!!!